PowerUp 4.0 Accessory Kit

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PowerUp 4.0 Accessory Kit


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Connect any material or design to your POWERUP 4.0 module, be it Foam, Balsa Wood or Cardboard. The set includes landing gears for takeoff and landing plus a universal connector set.


ACCESSORIZE - Add pieces and parts to your plane with a kit that allows you to make one of a kind designs using various materials!

MATERIALS - Designed to hold Balsa wood, foam, sheet foam, cardboard, or anything else you’d like to connect.

HORIZONTAL & VERTICAL CONNECTORS - This accessory allows you to mount various parts, including fins, to your plane during high-speed flight.

LANDING GEAR - Prepare for takeoff from the ground, giving your plane a more realist feel.

STEM READY - Teach the forces of flight while challenges the way your students understand how each material flies.

FOR GADGET LOVERS - For hobbyists, tinkerers, and fellow pilots alike. You’ll enjoy being in the cockpit of this paper flyer, all from your phone.

PACKED WITH TECH - The Powerup 4.0 system comes with a built-in onboard computer that connects to your phone while automatically compensating movements for wind and weather.

BUILT FOR FLIGHT - This pack is for paper airplane enthusiasts who want the ability to make the most out of each material.

This Accessory Kit is for enthusiasts, tinkerers, and students who want to get the most out of their POWERUP 4.0. A hands-on experience for anyonw who wants to see their creation take flight.


  • Front and Rear landing gears
  • 2 X Vertical connectors for Balsa Wood airplanes
  • 2 X Horizontal connectors for Foam/Cardboard airplanes
  • 1 X Front Clip for Sheet Foam/ Cardboard
  • 4 Spare screws
  • 1 X Micro phillips screwdriver

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