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Rokid Air, AR Glasses with Voice Control AI

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Rokid Air, AR Glasses with Voice Control AI

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Take the Air, Enjoy the World

For everyday usage, Rokid Air AR glasses are both powerful and intuitive. Put them on and enjoy a massive 120-inch virtual screen for apps, games, and movies that gives an unmatched, immersive, multimedia experience. Using Rokid Air's voice control and sophisticated capabilities, you'll be able to see and do more than ever before.

Rokid Air is  the most affordable AR Glasses designed for everyone. With a wide range of applications for work, study, and entertainment, you can watch movies in more detail than ever before, play games, and even follow along with maps while hiking.

Play Games

Video Meeting

Watch Movies


Plug & Play

rokid air plug and play
Rokid Air does not require charging. The device to which it is attached provides power, allowing you to experience more content, games, movies, and entertainment. It is extensively compatible with all devices, including Android & IOS phones, desktop computers & laptops, PS4, Xbox and Switch. Simply plug & play to see apps, videos and games in front of you rather than having to struggle to view them on a small device screen.

Stylish and Portable

Rokid Air is exceptionally lightweight (only 85g!) and comfy, allowing you to wear it for extended periods of time. It's like a massive monitor that fits in your pocket and travels with you!

Always Stay Hands-Free

Thanks to the noise-canceling microphone and voice recognition technology, Rokid Air can clearly pick up your voice commands. This built-in smart assistant is always ready to help and is highly capable of performing tasks. Ask Rokid Air to play videos, open installed applications, control volume and brightness, and more.

rokid air voice control ar glasses

Wear Glasses? Not a Problem!

Rokid Air is perfect for people who wear glasses. By turning the focus adjustment knobs, nearsighted users (myopia of -5.00 D or less) can achieve perfect vision. You don’t have to wear your prescription lenses or contacts anymore!

Optimized AR Experience with Touchpad Gestures

Turn Your Phone into a Touchpad

Unlike VR sets, Rokid Air has a new and powerful way for you to interact with its virtual screen. You don’t have to buy extra controllers to move the pointer. Your phone becomes a versatile touchpad after connecting with Rokid Air App.

Seamless Visuals

High Resolution. High Refresh Rate & Brightness. Immersive 120" Display

The 1920*1080*2 resolution of the Rokid Air produces sharp details, vibrant colors, and stunning visuals. The majority of devices can run native resolutions with ease and high display quality. The 75Hz refresh rate of the Rokid Air means that more information reaches your eyes in the same amount of time, resulting in smoother animation. It can indeed do wonders for gamers. Rokid Air looks bright and clear even on the brightest days thanks to the BirdBath optical engine. Amazingly crisp photographs with a large field of view. It's as though you're sitting in front of a 120" screen! You will be impressed by the experience, especially as it overlays onto your real-world surroundings, allowing you to see both the real and virtual worlds while playing a video or viewing other content at the same time.

Dual HD Directional Speakers

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