PowerUp 4.0 Spare Parts Kit

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PowerUp 4.0 Spare Parts Kit


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This spare parts kit is an essential companion to your POWERUP 4.0, allowing you to stop worrying about bumps and bangs. Focus more on the wonder of flight with all the quick-fix parts you may need.


EXTRA PARTS - Spare parts allow you to quickly replace the most wear prone components. Quickly fix your plane and go!

CROSSBAR - Easily replace one of the most exciting parts for endless loops, barrel rolls, and awesome hammerheads.

BUMPERS - Withstand more bumps, protecting the areas that need it most. 

FRONT CLIP - Connecting to various models, this essential piece can be easily swapped so you won’t need to replace the entire module. 

PROPELLERS - These parts experience a lot of wear and tear. Replace them to reach maximum speeds with smooth turns.

STEM READY - Teachers can make quick repairs, ensuring their students can keep using the planes throughout the day and keep them running properly.

FOR GADGET LOVERS - For hobbyists, tinkerers, and fellow pilots alike who love keeping spare parts on hand for any situation.

QUICK REPAIRS - Replace worn parts, so you can stay focused on trying new designs.

BUILT FOR FLIGHT - This pack is for pilots through cadets who care about keeping their plane in tip top shape.

Designed by pilot Shai Goitein, this set is for enthusiasts, tinkerers, and students who put their POWERUP 4.0 component through heavy use. Learn from seeing your plane operate, crash, and return to the sky. A hands-on experience for any pilot. 

What’s in the box:

  • 2 X sets spare propellers (right and left)
  • 2 X rubber bumper
  • Spare crossbar for aerobatic flying
  • Spare front clip

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