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Ocean Vase

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Ocean Vase


Available online and in-store.

Ocean Vase is not only a vase but also a diffuser. It is carefully handcrafted and added essential oil that the scent can be last for few months. It presents the soil, water and the Ocean. We hope it would raise our passion to protect and love our Ocean.

Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils on these unglazed ceramic stones through the hole. Wait for the stone to absorb and it will diffuse scent continuously and slowly without heat or electricity. It has no restrictions on location to freshen the air in restrooms, entranceways or other small spaces.

Comes with 5ml pure natural essential oil



  • Colour: Green        Scent: Green Tea x Grapefruit
  • Colour: Purple        Scent: Lavender x Lemongrass
  • Shape: Cylinder
  • Material: Plaster x Resin
  • Made in HongKong


All products are hand-made. Each product has uniquely different texture and color. 

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