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Nino Mini Garden Gnome

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Nino Mini Garden Gnome


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The first tasteful garden gnome

Garden gnomes: love them or hate them, there is no middle ground. And Plato Design just loves garden gnomes. The union of designer Pellegrino Cucciniello’s low-poly imagery and Italian hand-worked monochromatic concrete was the key to restoring dignity to the garden gnome.

The gnome can finally come inside and make its way to the lounge, the living room, the drawing room.

Nino, thanks to his refined materials and details, earns his rightful place with dignity, next to the great classics: picture frames and ornaments perched on bookcases. His calibrated geometric abstraction and imperceptible optical corrections make each Nino unique and highly desirable. Wishing to own a garden gnome is no longer a taboo.

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Each NINO is handmade in Italy. We meticulously check the quality of materials to offer a reliable and durable product. 


MATERIAL concrete
SIZE 5x5x16 cm (2’’x 2’’x6.5’’)
WEIGHT 0,5 kg (1 lbs)
USE Indoor and outdoor


The product might vary slightly from the picture due to the nature of being 100% handmade.

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