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Morphee Audiozen


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Fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply

With Morphée...fall asleep easily, quickly, and enjoy a deep and restful sleep.

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Meditation and Sophrology is used daily in sleep centers when insomnia
is liked to stress and anxiety.


For an optimal efficiency, Morphée is non-digital, wave free and without screen.


Morphée is portable: the wooden cover (beech) protects the keys and can also be removed to be used as a base.


  • Relaxation and meditation
  • Over 200 combinations of guided meditation sessions designed, tested and validated by sleep experts.
  • Non-digital with a unique design
  • Morphée guides users towards a deep and restful sleep.
  • Users can select the theme of the session with the first key (8 themes), with the second key: the session (each theme has 8 sessions), the third key: the duration (8 or 20 minutes) and with the selector on the side: the voice (male or female voice).
  • Language: English



Over 200 session combinations
Meditation & Sophrologie • Cardiac coherence • Visualisation • Nap

16 nature sounds
Lapping of the sea, cat purring, rainfall, crackling fire burning in the chimney 16 original music tracks



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