Jammy G MIDI Guitar

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Jammy G MIDI Guitar


Super Portable Stringed Guitar Controller with Onboard Sound

Jammy G expands creative horizons for guitarists — this digital guitar with MIDI output is compatible with any musical software. Thanks to onboard sound generation, it also works on its own — just plug your earphones in and play. Its design allows Jammy G to snap in half and fit into your backpack.  


MIDI Controller

Finally, a MIDI controller for guitarists. Connect this MIDI guitar to your devices via USB or Bluetooth to control virtual instruments


Play this MIDI string instrument like you play guitar, using tapping, muting, vibrato, and more

Low Latency

10—12 ms, lower than pitch-to-MIDI solutions 

Steel Strings

Replaceable strings with adjustable tension


This digital guitar can be used with any DAW and notation software

Plug And Play

Always tuned, ready to play via headphones or an amp using 1/8" and 1/4" jack outputs

Extensive Battery Life

4400mAh battery enables up to 6 hours of active playing

Onboard Sound

Works as a guitar synth with different guitar types and FX pedals pre-installed


17" long when disassembled, fits into a backpack

Jammy G Portable Guitar Wake Concept Store

What's in the box:

  1. Jammy G (also known as Jammy Guitar)
  2. Detachable frame
  3. Guitar strap
  4. USB-C cable
  5. Soft case
  6. User manual and guitar picks
  7. Strap buttons, screwdriver, and hex key


See how famous YouTubers play Jammy G

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