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In this digital technology era today, some digital products will be brought back to your memories. Although it symbolized the wisdom of a great people and delegate the revolution of technologies, they are getting quiet and disappearing gradually.

Grid Studio selects the precious collection of marvelous article, unfold and restore in a collage frame, turn them into a tale of smartphone generation with value of art, the best choice for your collection permanently.

Sony's PSP-2000 model was the most powerful handheld game console when it launched, and thanks to its redesign, it was lighter and smaller in size, leading Sony to market it in many countries as the "PSP Slim & Lite." It was also the nicest looking, with a sleek, rounded industrial design aesthetic.

  • Includes all the original parts.
  • If the battery is included, it is just a model (fake battery), there will be no danger of explosion or expansion.
  • Size: 13 x 13 x 1.8 in

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