At Wake, we have formed a team of professionals devoted to design and technology.

WAKE formed by a group of entrepreneurs passionate about creativity, engineering, design, and innovation - we are brand, platform, retail, and, more importantly, a fun design & development team. 

We love working with new companies, startups or Kickstarter brands and products - Every business has its niche, edge and advantage, and our strength go way beyond retail.

Blue Ocean

We Have found Our Ocean

From Click to Kick | We can take it further and faster together

We know it's difficult to continue developing new products - essentially, time and money are the no.1 barrier to all businesses, and that's what slows the whole game down.

The good news is that Wake is equipped and benefits from significant economies of scope. We have concept, graphic to 3D designers, software, electronic and mechanical engineers, all the way to having our private manufacturing facilities. We have the setup and resources to help others further develop their product potential, protect the idea, and enhance their brand position.

Without any upfront, we still have the solution to make it a win-win gameplay, giving our partners that extra support they need to get to the next level while keeping their financial status comfortable.


Collaborated Kickstarter Campaign

We understand that not every startup has all the necessary setup and skills to achieve its ambition, and it could be the budget or technical restrain that drag back the approach. Thus, our objective is to help fill in the gaps to help our partner accomplish a more desire and remarkable campaign.

Unleash your limitation 

Everything we have to offer, we have it all done in-house, from 2D sketches to concept development, product 3D modelling, complex engineering, advance programming, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, to final packaging.

With a team of specialists equipped with a wide variety of skills, we are ready to surpass limitation and raise creativity.

Why is co-kick different from hiring an external team?

Co-kick is more an act of an alliance, unlike hiring an external team that is more or less a service provider driven by cash and invoice. With Wake, we handle all development, cost and workload on behalf of the brand as a strategic and collaboration partner.

Co-kick stands for Collaborated Kickstarter Campaign

where we join force and coop with a third party brand to support their next campaign development. If you are interested to work with us, simply submit the form below and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Red Dot Award - Germany

The Red Dot Design Award is a German international design prize awarded by Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG. There are prize categories for product design, brands and communication design, and design concept.

ISPO Gold Winner Award - Germany

With the ISPO Award, the internationally leading sports network ISPO honors the highlight products of the sports industry every year.

HKSAR Gov Fund- Patent Application Grant (PAG)

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Innovation and Technology Fund - HKD$250,000 (€25,000)

Consumer Product Design | Certificate of Merit - FHKI

To promote and recognise the importance of product design in Hong Kong, and to encourage local entrepreneurs to improve the design, research and development of their products.


Martin Gulbis

Head of Business Development - Flyte

“Having worked with hundreds of businesses and brands across the world I can say with confidence - WAKE is one of the most professional, proactive and progress driven partners I have met. It is a rare quality when words meet the actions. Truly a pleasure to have crossed paths with the WAKE Team.”

Neel Jain

Product Marketing Manager - SquareOff

"Wake is a great company to work with. They have a very professional approach and are very accommodating. We collaborated with them for an event and the result was better than we anticipated. The team is very dedicated towards their clients. We look forward to working with them again in the future."

Alexander Müller 

Founder - Cityframes

"WAKE supports Cityframes with valuable knowledge and profound expertise to further develop the brand."

Caterina Naglieri

Co-founder e Amministratore - Plato Design Srls

"Wake gave us the opportunity to enter Hong Kong market. Additionally they offered us a great support with tips and feedbacks from local resellers."

Louis Hsu

Co-founder - Mokuomo

"Wake have offered us a great opportunity to showcase our product in their pop up store and have given us an amazing channel to reach out to more potential customers. They have also come up with some phenomenal new product ideas and offered comprehensive support to our new product development process."