Vitruvian V-Form: An All-In-One Trainer That Brings the Gym to You

Vitruvian V-Form: An All-In-One Trainer That Brings the Gym to You

The Vitruvian V-Form Trainer is a multifunctional strength training machine powered by a smart algorithm that tailors your workouts to your capabilities. With the ability to undertake solo eccentric training and track every aspect of your fitness journey, the Vitruvian V-Form is a formidable presence in the home gym scene.

A smart strength training machine, the Vitruvian V-Form Trainer combines a whole host of strength workout machines into a single condensed platform. Featuring evolutionary resistance technology developed in conjunction with world-leading experts in health science, exercise research and professional training, the V-Form aims to be the future of fitness.


The Scientific Genius Behind Vitruvian

Founded by physicist and financial trader Jon Gregory, Vitruvian is a company focused on working towards a new algorithmic way of training with a single connected piece of training equipment backed by scientific evidence. Gregory’s own experience with weight training in his office during breaks inspired him to come up with a better way to train away from the gym, and thus the V-Form Trainer was created.

The key functionality of the V-Form Trainer is that it allows you to carry out any activity you do in the gym, but anywhere you want. Capitalising on the fact that the struggle to stay fit hasn’t changed much since the dawn of evolution, Vitruvian technology aims to catalyze elementary tools into the digital age by allowing human-computer interaction to push users further in their training journeys.


An Intelligent Algorithm That Adjusts to You

The powerful algorithm at the heart of the V-Form Trainer is capable of precisely analysing the user’s tendencies and abilities and adapting their weight loads in a matter of milliseconds, and can conjure up weight ranging from 5kg to 180kg. Similar to a spotter at the gym, the V-Form reduces weight when it senses that users are struggling to reach the full range of motion and increases it when they complete reps too fast so that you never get too comfortable. This performance data is also logged in the Vitruvian App, which users can access with a smartphone to gain insights into areas of personal fitness that were hitherto untrackable. The app also gives you the option to connect with world-class personal trainers in order to receive feedback and gain an expert perspective on your fitness regimen.


Enhance Your Workouts With Eccentric Training

The V-Form Trainer also allows you to train eccentrically solo, taking your training to a whole new level. Eccentric training is repeated exercise that keeps your muscles in tension during the lowering phase of an exercise that lengthens the muscle, as opposed to concentric training in which the muscles are in tension during the lifting phase that contracts the muscle. Since this kind of training engages your muscles during both phases of the exercise, your workout will be significantly more intensive.

Research has also shown that eccentric training can enhance muscle growth and increase the rate at which the body burns fat while simultaneously making it less susceptible to stress and strain. While eccentric exercise traditionally relies on a spotter to load weight for the eccentric phase, you now have the freedom to train alone with the V-Form Trainer as your gym partner.


Covered with a durable carbon fibre shell and consisting of an extruded aluminium frame, the V-Form Trainer is built to last. Weighing just 80 pounds with a slim form factor and recessed wheels, the device can be easily stowed away into the tightest of spaces. The V-Form Trainer comes with handles that attach to the two resistance cables to simulate dumbbells, and ankle straps that aid in lower-body training. For anyone seeking a gym away from the gym, the Vitruvian V-Form Trainer’s intelligent algorithm-led training and multifunctionality make it an obvious choice.

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