Cityframes: Bring the World to You

Cityframes: Bring the World to You

Cityframes are uniquely detailed 3D models of cities from all around the world made using cutting-edge satellite imagery technology. Arranged in a premium wooden frame and ready for you to display, Cityframes are works of art that will evoke memories for years to come.

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Travel the world from your living room and keep the cities you love most close with Cityframes, 3D models of your favourite cities nestled in a compact frame. Launched in January 2020, the Cityframes Kickstarter campaign was fully funded in just 6 hours, eventually raising €40,738 of the initial €10,000 goal. Since then, Cityframes have gone on to become the largest existing 3D city modelling company, with their innovative frames being displayed in thousands of homes and offices worldwide. 
Utilising 3D Modelling to Create Detailed Cities

Designed and produced in Germany, Cityframes started as a small passion project that blossomed into a real company. The team behind Cityframes is dedicated to creating unique 3D city models by combining innovative production techniques with exceptionally rich hand-processed data. This is a multi-step process, which first starts with the selection of the area within a city that will be modelled. The designers, collaborating with locals from each city, aim to pick a region not just for its landmarks, but for the way it is able to represent the atmosphere and feel of a city. The latest satellite imagery of that area with laser scans from space is then integrated with the lived experiences of real people living within that city, making the 3D data a truly unique blend of cutting-edge technology and human interaction.

All 3D data is then hand-processed to ensure that it is of the finest quality and contains the highest possible level of detail. Even the smallest of structures are visible in the Cityframe, allowing you to visualise the streets and even individual buildings of world-famous megacities from the comfort of your own home. There are currently more than 45 cities from all over the globe available for the Cityframe, including London, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Dubai, and more cities are constantly being added.

Functional and Artistic Design Components

Made out of premium, durable, and long-lasting materials, the Cityframe is both environmentally friendly and guaranteed to adorn your home for years to come. The bottom of the Cityframe is made up of a solid wooden frame painted a sleek black to convey the high-quality essence of the model. Next comes an attachment plate, which ensures the structural stability of the frame, and allows for easy wall mounting with the use of an integrated mounting device. Covering the attachment plate is a black underground plate on which the individual city model plates are attached. These city models are made from synthetic polymers that have been acquired from renewable sources, and the pure white material is non-toxic, easy to clean, and resistant to UV light. To make for an even more artistic vision, all the water areas in the Cityframes have been cut out to expose the underground plate, creating a breathtaking contrast between the stark black of the plate and the brilliant white of the 3D model.

The Cityframes are available in four different sizes, ranging from a compact and adorable Citycube version to a large-scale frame that covers multiple neighbourhoods. Crucially, the scale of the 3D city model stays the same regardless of the size of the frame, meaning that larger frames will display a greater and more detailed area of the city. Existing as both works of art and memories of places close to your heart, Cityframes are ideal for providing a distinctive touch to your home or as the ultimate thoughtful gift.

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