Sip-To-Suit: A Playful Distillation of Essential Coffee Knowledge

Sip-To-Suit: A Playful Distillation of Essential Coffee Knowledge

Sip-To-Suit Cards About Coffee is a playing card deck featuring essential information on the art of brewing coffee. Designed to be simple and easily accessible without compromising on the delightful graphical style, the Sip-To-Suit deck works for both card games and making coffee.

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A high-quality deck of playing cards centred around the theme of coffee making, the Sip-To-Suit Cards About Coffee features artistic infographics that showcase a breakdown of brewing techniques and drink recipes. With a Kickstarter campaign launched in February 2021, Sip-To-Suit Cards About Coffee was fully funded in just 11 minutes and went on to raise a total of $88,917 from 1,867 backers - an astonishing 30 times more than the initial goal of $2,800.

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Designed by a Dynamic Husband and Wife Duo

Sip-To-Suit was created by Art of Caffeination, a brand founded by entrepreneurial married couple Vincent and Michelle Lam. The coffee-loving pair, who have decades of professional experience in the design industry, were mesmerised by the artistry and science of the brewing process and Vincent had even documented for years the various brewing methods and references he learnt on his coffee journey. He frequently thumbed through this journal when brewing coffee, but over time it became a lengthy and inconvenient process. As designers, Vincent and his wife saw an opportunity to do better. After hundreds of hours spent distilling the most important information on coffee brewing and perfecting the art and content of the deck, Sip-To-Suit Cards About Coffee was born.

The Sip-To-Suit deck provides easily accessible information on coffee brewing essentials which have been meticulously curated with feedback from coffee enthusiasts, baristas, magicians, and card collectors from all over the world. The compact deck-sized nature of Sip-To-Suit eliminates the frustration of sorting through tedious pages of notes or complicated online resources, instead providing the essential information in a format that’s easy to read even before you’ve had your morning coffee.

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The Efficiently Designed Layout of the Sip-To-Suit Deck

Akin to a traditional deck of playing cards, Sip-To-Suit is made up of 56 cards: 52 standard poker-sized playing cards, 2 Joker cards, a unit conversion reference card, and a general introduction card. Out of the 52 standard cards, the 18 black numbered cards contain information on brew methods such as recommended brew ratios, grind sizes, temperature, and timing, with the Spades suit consisting of fully manual methods and the Clubs suit of semi-manual and cold brew techniques. Furthermore, the complication level of the brewing method also increases as the card numbers increase, with #2 being the simplest and #10 the most convoluted.

The 18 red numbered cards feature various recipes and formulas for different coffee drinks, including ingredient amounts and cup sizes, with the Diamonds suit containing milk-based recipes and the Hearts suit milk-free ones. Once again, the strength of the coffee recipe is ordered by the numbers on the card, with #2 being a mild milk-based latte, and #10 being a strong espresso. Meanwhile, the 12 court cards offer useful tips regarding the fundamentals of coffee making, and the 4 Ace cards contain information on roast levels.

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Editions For Even The Messiest of Coffee Drinkers

The Sip-To-Suit deck is available in three versions: a creamy espresso-coloured copper standard edition, a green limited edition exclusive to Kickstarter, and a blue waterproof edition. The standard and limited editions both feature premium metallic inked backs and come packaged in a heavy card stock box, while the waterproof edition comes in a hard clear plastic case and can be washed under running water - so you never have to worry about spilling coffee on your cards.

Each edition features uniquely designed Joker cards and card backs, incentivising card and coffee enthusiasts to collect them all. Whether you are a diehard coffee fanatic, a passionate collector of cards, or a curious coffee drinker new to the world of craft coffee, the Sip-To-Suit deck is sure to serve you well as both a fun addition to any card game and a handy reference to all the coffee brewing information you need.

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