ROAV: Foldable Sunglasses to Fit the Skinniest of Jeans

ROAV: Foldable Sunglasses to Fit the Skinniest of Jeans

ROAV sunglasses are the world’s smallest folding shades, ideal for those who wish to travel unburdened yet still be prepared for anything at a moments notice. Featuring ROAV’s exclusive patented micro screwless hinge technology, these sunglasses are both stylishly elegant and durable against the greatest of pressures. 

The world’s thinnest folding sunglasses, the ROAV sunglasses are the first folding shades that can truly be called pocketable. With the launch of a Kickstarter campaign in November 2016, ROAV raised $106,704 from 795 backers, more than doubling its starting goal of  $50,000. The size of ROAV’s sunglasses means that they need never leave your side, allowing you to be prepared for anything at a moment’s notice. 

Compact Lightweight sunglasses Roav in pocket

True Innovation Through The Invention of Micro Screwless Hinges

The secret behind ROAV’s compact size lies in their patented micro screwless hinges that allow the sunglasses to be just 8.5mm thick when folded - over four times less than the popular Ray-Ban folding Wayfarers. While traditional eyewear hinges feature screws that are glued, soldered, or riveted to the actual frame, ROAV’s screwless hinges are formed into the metal frame itself. This enables the sunglasses to fold into an incredibly small size while also preventing the shades from accidentally becoming unfolded.

While other designers modify existing sunglasses frames to make them more foldable and compact, ROAV is not bound by the traditions of heritage and thus designs their eyewear from the ground up instead of using stock components. This allows them to be truly innovative in their design process, making sunglasses that can both please you aesthetically and fit into the smallest pocket in your pair of denim.

Asian Style ROAV in Hong Kong

Ultra-Durable and Resistant in All Conditions

Constructed with adventurers and explorers in mind, the ROAV sunglasses are made from scratch-resistant ion-plated stainless steel. The micro screwless hinges mean that there is no risk of hinges loosening with time, and thus they require no maintenance. The flat-folding design of the frames means that they can withstand a great deal of pressure when folded, so you can put them in your back pocket and even sit on them without worrying about any damage.

The ROAV sunglasses feature premium nylon lenses chosen for their superior flexibility and lightness. An additional polarizing filter ensures that any glare from lighting is kept to a minimum, and all lenses are equipped with protection from both ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Furthermore, all lenses also feature a coating that renders them resistant to reflections, scratches, and fingerprints, freeing you of all concerns regarding their maintenance. For those that are still hesitant to place their ROAV shades in their pockets, the sunglasses also come with a protective handmade leather pouch, made from 100% vegetable-tanned leather.

Feather Light Sunglasses ROAV

Inspired by Classic Sunglasses Styles

The ROAV sunglasses are available in three unisex styles - round, aviator, and square - that will suit a wide variety of face shapes and sizes, and each frame style is available in two unique colourways. The round frames are inspired by the American musician Jimi Hendrix and the counter-cultural style of the 1960s, while the aviator style are designed to offer maximum protection from the sun, and the square style are intended to be a bold modern take on the classic silhouette. With the ability to fit into the smallest pockets or purses and a range of styles to fit every face, the ROAV sunglasses are undoubtedly a universal choice in functional and elegant eyewear. 

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