Morphee: Revolutionize Your Sleeping Experience

Morphee: Revolutionize Your Sleeping Experience

The Morphee is a non-digital sleeping aid that can guide you through over 200 different meditation sessions, relieving you of stress and anxiety and banishing insomnia, so that you can fall asleep fast and wake up fully rested and refreshed.

An answer to sleepless nights, the Morphee is a wireless meditation device that can help you to achieve a peaceful night’s rest. Portable, non-digital, and screen-free, the Morphee helps to eliminate insomnia caused by stress and anxiety, ensuring that you fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply through the night, and wake up with your batteries fully recharged, refreshed and ready to start the day.

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The Extensive Research Behind the Morphee’s Technology

Excited about a world in which users can escape the anxieties of being constantly connected, the French team behind Morphee were motivated to create disconnected products that aimed to significantly improve the well-being of its users through meditation. The concept of the Morphee was first dreamt up after a chance encounter between founders Guillaume & Charlie in 2016. Their belief in their vision was so strong that they spent over a year painstakingly researching and learning about the science of sleep from a team of sleep professionals including sophrologists, doctors and sleep centres. By the end of its Ulule crowdfunding campaign in October 2017, 1,039 units of the Morphee had been sold, overwhelmingly exceeding its presale goal of 200 units. 

How Do the Meditation Sessions Work?

The Morphee features 210 guided meditation session combinations, all of which are carried out by trained sleep professionals. With sessions voiced by both a male and female voice - Piers and Gina to be exact - and sessions with just music or nature sounds, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste. Additionally, the Morphee is equipped with a choice of seven different session themes, each with its own relaxation and sleep techniques. These are body scan, breathing, movement, visualisations, rhythm, napping, and nature. As part of these themes, users are invited to partake in a variety of meditation methods ranging from focusing on your body, breathing, and muscles, to being invited on a peaceful imaginary journey to the beach, to 3D nature recordings from all over the world that fully immerse you in a new environment when listening with headphones.

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How to Use the Morphee

Using your Morphee is a relaxing process in itself, as the lack of any digital features means that you must operate it by turning a set of keys on top of the palm-sized device. Turn the first key to pick your session theme depending on your preference that day, then turn the second key to choose your session. There are up to 16 sessions for each session theme, so you never have to worry about the Morphee becoming boring or stale. Finally, turn the third key to select the duration of your session, which comes in 8-minute or 20-minute versions, and press play to begin relieving the stresses and anxieties of the day.  You can listen to your session through headphones for a truly immersive experience, or through the built-in speaker for optimum comfort.

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The Morphee ships with a wooden beech cover that protects the keys and can also be used as a base, a Blue Book of Sleep containing details regarding the 210 sessions, and a universal charger. To date, over 200,000 people use the Morphee to fall asleep daily, and with over 97% of them happy to recommend the device to their friends and family, it shows that the Morphee genuinely does work to combat insomnia and provide you with the deep restful night’s sleep you deserve.

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