MiNT Camera: Reinvigorating the Stagnant Field of Instant Photography

MiNT Camera: Reinvigorating the Stagnant Field of Instant Photography

The MiNT camera is an instant camera formed from a creative combination of the best features of the vintage Polaroid SX-70 and the most impressive modern advances in instant camera technology. Aiming to revolutionise the world of instant photography, the MiNT camera will give both amateurs and professionals the ability to shoot breathtaking images.

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Making a huge leap forward in instant camera technology, the MiNT InstantKon SF70 instant camera is a significant upgrade to the Polaroid SX-70, the 47-year-long reigning King of Polaroid Cameras. With a Kickstarter campaign launched in December 2020, the MiNT camera was fully funded in just 23 minutes and ultimately raised HK$1,126,494 from 188 backers, more than quadrupling its starting goal of HK$ 250,000.

SF70 Mint Camera
Bringing the Past Up To Date

MiNT, the Hong Kong based company behind the camera, were compelled to bring innovation to the field of instant photography after realising that, while photography general is a constantly changing and evolving art form, instant camera photography had remained stagnant for decades since the release of the Polaroid SX-70 in 1972. 

Thus the team at MiNT, made up of dedicated artisans, designers and engineers with over a decade of experience with instant cameras, felt that they had much to offer the world of instant photography by combining the much-loved elements of classic instant cameras with much needed modern technological updates. Naming themselves MiNT after the collector’s term used to describe high-quality items in perfect condition, the company strives to produce only the most premium instant cameras in order to keep the magic of the Polaroid experience alive.

SF70 Mint Camera

A Unique Blend of Tradition and Modernity

The InstantKon SF70 instant camera is a full reimagining of the classic Polaroid SX-70, with complete manual control for the ultimate analogue camera experience. MiNT have retained the traditional operating experience of a classic camera with the inclusion of an authentic split-image rangefinder, giving the InstantKon SF70 a vintage feel despite its impressive technological features. 

The MiNT camera features a customized shutter, aperture, and lens, which are all optimised to create the best instant camera experience. With full aperture control, the MiNT camera also allows you to take photos with unbelievable depths-of field - clocking in at an awe-inspiring 4.9cm depth-of-field at the closest distance of 75cm and f/5.6. The shutter speed on the camera is also fully controllable, giving you the option to manage the exact amounts of light entering the film so that you can take photos in just the style you want.

Amateur photographs need not fear the detailed customisation capabilities of the MiNT camera however, as it comes equipped with both a manual and an auto mode, allowing people of any skill level to shoot incredible photos. The built-in flash also intelligently adjusts its own brightness according to the environment, and can even be switched off, while the presence of neutral-density filters ensure that film in bright sunlight will not become over-exposed.

The InstantKon SF70 is made from sustainable durable materials, allowing the camera to be timelessly elegant, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. The authentic vintage bellows of the MiNT camera are handcrafted by artisans, allowing the instant camera to be foldable and compact. In fact, travelling with the camera is easier than carrying a book, as it weighs less than a hardback and is smaller in dimensions than a paperback.

SF70 Mint Camera

Free Film for the Rest of Your Life

The MiNT camera uses Fujifilm Instax Square film, the most common instant film in use today, ensuring that you’ll always have it readily available. However, owners of the InstantKon SF70 need not worry about film at all, as MiNT offers the Unlimited Free Films Movement - a lifelong program for owners of MiNT cameras that provides you with free film for every photo that you take with the camera and upload to social media. With lifelong free film and the ability to shoot photos on a vintage camera enhanced by modern advancements, the MiNT camera is a deal that’s simply too good to pass up.

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