LYFE: A Mesmerising Glimpse of Dynamic Greenery

LYFE: A Mesmerising Glimpse of Dynamic Greenery

The LYFE is a breathtakingly charming device that functions both as a planter and a statement art piece. Featuring technology that will enhance your living space and the lives of your plants, the LYFE aims to bring the cosiness and creativity of Scandinavian minimalism to your home.

A zero-gravity growing system that allows you to cultivate your favourite plants suspended in mid-air, the LYFE planter is a uniquely artistic way to display your flora. Created by the team behind the famous Flyte levitating light, the Kickstarter campaign for LYFE was launched in June 2016 and was fully funded in 48 hours, eventually raising $328,579 from 1,203 backers and far surpassing its intended goal of $80,000.

Lyfe on Desk

Facilitating Life While Floating In Mid-Air

LYFE features a planter that hovers via the magic of magnetic levitation over a solid oak base. As the geodesic planter gently rotates while suspended in mid-air, plants in LYFE are exposed to the sun from all possible angles, ensuring an even distribution of sunlight on all parts of the plant for optimum health and growth. 

This rotation system is particularly beneficial for Air Plants which absorb nutrients with their leaves from the air rather than through their roots like more traditional plants. Discovered by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, Air Plants were named Tillandsia in honour of fellow Swedish physician and botanist Dr. Elias Tillandz. As these plants require no soil and instead gain sustenance from the circulation of airborne particles, the floating and rotating microclimate of the LYFE is perfectly suited to their needs.

Lyfe on Desk

Traditional Scandinavian Heritage Merged With Cutting-Edge Technology

The LYFE’s Swedish heritage is at the forefront of its elegant and minimalist Nordic design. Sweden’s long dark winters inspired the creation of a product that maximises all opportunities to be in the light and brightens up the atmosphere of a room. The geodesic shape of the planter allows it to reflect light from many different angles as it rotates, creating a playful and mesmerising effect. And in addition to being an artistic marvel, the planter is also functionally capable with drainage features that increase airflow and prevent the over-watering of plants.

The creators of LYFE have also extensively researched the magnetic levitation technology utilised in the planter, and have found that the magnetic field of the earth has profound effects on all living things, and particularly on plants. Studies conducted on the effects of magnetism on plants have shown that magnetic fields can enhance a plant’s metabolism and thus contribute to accelerating the ripening of certain types of fruits. Research has also shown that the presence of plants in homes and offices improves air quality and decreases levels of stress, making the LYFE beneficial for both your health and the health of your plants.

Lyfe on Desk

The LYFE Deconstructed

To set up your LYFE, simply connect the base to a power outlet and place the cork mat on top. Next, cradle the silicon planter in both hands and lower it directly onto the base from above. Release gently, and the planter should now magically float and gently rotate in mid-air. You can now add your Air Plants to the LYFE and remove the cork mat from the base.

The LYFE comes in two parts: the silicon planter, and the sustainably sourced solid oak base. The silicon planter is moulded in a 12-sided geodesic form, making it tactile and pleasant to touch. As the planter rotates, its unusual geodesic nature causes the appearance of a variety of shapes, turning looking at your plants into an absorbing and relaxing experience. The planter also features a hidden inner reservoir that drains water from plants that may have been over-watered, and a magnet that reacts against the electromagnetic wooden base to produce the hypnotic levitating effect. With an ingenious combination of innovative technological features and the time-honed art of plant cultivation, the LYFE has something to offer to everyone.

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