Jammy: The Guitar You Can Take Anywhere

Jammy: The Guitar You Can Take Anywhere

The Jammy is a guitar and MIDI controller compact enough to fit into a backpack. With sound quality comparable to a conventional guitar, and the ability to emulate almost any instrument, the Jammy guitar is ideal for music aficionados on the move.

An ultra-portable stringed MIDI controller, the Jammy G is tailored to guitar enthusiasts of the digital age. With a successful Indiegogo campaign launch in November 2017, the Jammy raised an overwhelming $266,219 from 694 individual backers, far exceeding the initial goal of $50,000. Awarded Best in Show at the National Association of Music Merchants - the largest music trade event in the world - in 2018, the Jammy is truly a global phenomenon.

Jammy MIDI Guitar

Created by Experienced Guitar Players

The Jammy is designed by Jammy Instruments, a California-based music tech company that prides itself on crafting innovative hardware and software products that enable the production of music to be both mobile and accessible to everyone. With over half their team being guitar players themselves, they understood well the frustration and inconvenience of transporting a full-sized guitar. As they were also unsatisfied with the exceptionally poor audio quality of existing portable guitars, the Jammy was created to fill this gap. 

Portable Enough to Carry Around

Sparing no effort to make the Jammy as compact as possible, the team at Jammy Instruments implemented a unique detachable neck feature, allowing the neck to separate entirely from the frame into two distinct pieces for a total length of only 17 inches compared to its assembled size of 27. As a result, you can take the Jammy with you wherever you go as it fits perfectly into backpacks and airline carry-ons. To reassemble the guitar, simply slot the neck pieces back into each other, and you’re ready to play!

Jammy Guitar on the go

Revolutionize a Familiar Playing Experience With New Capabilities 

The Jammy’s portability doesn’t mean a compromise in your playing experience either, as it features 15 standard-sized frets, ensuring that your fingers don’t feel a difference from your current guitar. To make it even better, the Jammy includes six velocity-sensitive steel strings, allowing you to manually adjust the tension to just how you like it. Innovative precision sensors within the fret bars also work to provide realistic emulation of all essential guitar techniques, including slides, bends, fingerpicking, and more, giving Jammy players an experience almost exactly like that of a standard guitar.

Thanks to a built-in audio processor, the Jammy guitar generates sound directly on board and thus avoids the latency of traditional digital guitars that utilise Bluetooth to transport sound. Along with the ¼” and ⅛” standard jack audio outputs, this eliminates the need for any external adaptor. Just plug your Jammy into an amp or headphones, and you’re ready to start rocking! You can also choose from acoustic, electric and bass guitars and a variety of presets featuring onboard FX that call back to some of the most iconic sounds in the history of guitar music. And if none of those intrigue you, you can even create your very own custom FX presets. Jammy Guitar just fun to play with

Additionally, although it can function as a standalone guitar, the Jammy can also emulate virtually any instrument when connected via a USB-C port or Bluetooth to a Digital Audio Workstation or any music editing software of your choice, making it an extremely versatile piece of technology. It’s even accompanied by a mobile app that opens up a wealth of features, including being able to change tunings, customize MIDI behaviour, use a metronome, emulate effects pedals and play along to backing tracks.

The Jammy ultimately features the smallest frame and latency and the broadest sound range of any digital guitar today, giving it the best playability-to-portability ratio. The sleek black angular design gives it a stylish rock-n-roll edge, making the Jammy unparalleled in terms of versatility, sound quality, and design. Shipped with a detachable add-on frame, a guitar strap, a bag, a set of custom picks and a USB-C charging cable, the Jammy is the only digital guitar of choice for those who want to both sound good and look good.

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