GINA: The Coffee Maker to End All Coffee Makers

GINA: The Coffee Maker to End All Coffee Makers

GINA is a smart coffee maker capable of brewing coffee in a variety of ways, thus allowing you to customise your brew exactly the way you want. With built-in Bluetooth functionality, GINA can also connect you to a community of passionate coffee brewers from whom you can expand your knowledge about the art of making coffee.

The world’s first smart coffee brewing instrument, the GINA offers users a special experience with every sip of coffee. Launched in October 2016, the GINA Kickstarter campaign was fully funded in just one day and went on to raise $501,612 from 2,389 backers - an overwhelming 10 times its initial goal of $50,000. 

Gina in action

Inspired by a Deep Passion for Coffee

Designed by GOAT STORY, a Slovenian brand dedicated to perfecting the art of coffee, GINA is born out of an obsession for designing premium products that assist users in exploring all the flavours and experiences that the simple coffee bean has to offer. Even the name GOAT STORY has its roots in the world of coffee, being inspired by the infamous Ethiopian legend of a goatherd responsible for discovering the coffee plant after noticing that his goats would become energetic to the point of dancing upon eating the bright red berries of the coffee plant bush. 

Why Is She Called GINA?

GINA is a coffee-making powerhouse, combining the performance of the functions of multiple tools - including a scale, a french press, a pour-over, and a cold drip - into one complete device, saving you precious counter space and reducing your prep and cleaning time. In fact, GINA was given a feminine name to reflect this very ability, due to the traditional stereotype of women being more capable of multitasking. 

Gina Desktop Coffee

Customise Your Coffee to Your Taste

GINA features a built-in Bluetooth scale that precisely weighs each of your ingredients, ensuring that you always find the perfect balance of coffee, water, and brewing time for you. Moreover, the innovative stainless steel valve feature allows you to play around with three different brewing techniques. Leave the valve open for a classic pour-over, enabling you to pour hot water over the coffee grounds and observe the decadent mingling of the two elements for the purest coffee flavour. Alternatively, close the valve for an immersion brew by soaking the coffee grounds in the ceramic funnel for a sharp full-bodied cup of coffee, or set the valve to a drop flow for a chilling cold drip resulting in a smooth and sweet brew. With GINA you can experiment with multiple customisation options and make your cup of coffee truly unique to you.

Gina Coffee in Action

Connect With a Community of Coffee Lovers 

You can also use the Bluetooth functionality to connect to GINA via an app on your smartphone in order to transfer and save all your brewing data and even check out how other users of GINA are brewing their coffees. For those new to the art of brewing coffee, the app offers help from coffee masterminds who will guide you through the entire process. And the GINA is perfect for coffee shops too, with the app allowing baristas to control up to four GINA devices from a single tablet.

The GINA comes in three different colours - white, steel, and black - and ships with a micro-USB charger to recharge it after the 80-hour brewing life battery is depleted. Compared to existing coffee brewing devices, GINA features the greatest number of functions, making purchasing a GINA machine more financially efficient than multiple other devices. Thus, GINA is the ideal solution for anyone who wants a device with enough functionality and technical prowess to both bring together a community of coffee enthusiasts and craft a perfectly tailored cup of coffee.

Gina Coffee Ready to drink

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