DeskSpace: Reconnect With the Wonders of the Universe

DeskSpace: Reconnect With the Wonders of the Universe

The DeskSpace is a unique blend of art and science, placing a miniature solar system made from high-quality gemstones on your desk. With each gemstone painstakingly picked for the most accurate and visually appealing representation, the DeskSpace will both beautify your desk and inspire you to learn something new.

Bring the wonder of the universe into your working day with DeskSpace, a premium solar system desk accessory handcrafted from the finest gemstones. With each planet faithfully recreated in perfectly polished miniature globes, DeskSpace is sure to bring a slice of the heavens into your daily life. Having launched in December 2017, the DeskSpace Kickstarter campaign raised HK$ 642,115 from 1,061 backers, over 6 times its initial goal of HK$ 100,000.

Designed To Inspire Appreciation for the Beauty of Space

DeskSpace was created by Adroit, Sotiris, and Alan - three designers with a passion for space and a long history of spending many hours at their desks. Seeking to make a desk accessory that would pique people’s interest in the world that lay beyond their desks, the team set out to create a sleek and sophisticated accessory that was both tactile and awe-inspiring. It quickly became clear to them that the solution was to use high-quality gemstones for the design, making the DeskSpace a timeless and lasting creation. Therefore, the team spent many months searching worldwide for the materials that were exactly right for the unique beauty of each individual planet, even using satellite images from NASA in order to be as close as possible.

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Carefully Chosen Premium and Luxurious Materials

The planet Mercury is crafted from Labradorite, a mineral known for its stunning iridescent quality which mimics the soft iridescent gleam of the planet nearest to the Sun. Venus, the brightest planet in the Solar System, is made from translucent white Nephrite to showcase its vivid glow, while our home planet Earth is made from sea-blue Sodalite streaked with cloudy white.

The red planet Mars is formed out of Mahogany Obsidian, a black volcanic glass overlayed with flashes of brick-red, and the gas giant Jupiter is crafted from the rock Tiger’s Eye that ranges in hue from gold to a deep rich chocolate brown. Meanwhile, ringed Saturn is fashioned from warm honey-coloured Calcite, Uranus from the lively crystallized green Amazonite, and Neptune from royal blue Synthetic Cat’s Eye, a glass famous for its ability to reflect light in a way that resembles the slit eye of a cat. Pluto has also been included and is formed from Heliotrope, also known as bloodstone for its characteristic red-on-black spattering. 

Desk Space Raw Materials

Perfectly Hand-Crafted and Sustainable

Turning the precious materials into smooth spheres is a lengthy process, with the time taken to ensure perfection every step of the way. Firstly, the gemstones are only mined from locations that have an abundant supply and are environmentally friendly, making the DeskSpace a sustainable endeavour. The raw gemstones are then processed into smaller pieces and shaped by hand into a sphere by experienced and devoted craftsmen. Each sphere then undergoes quality control to check for the tiniest imperfections and only those that pass are polished to a high shine, bringing out the colours and details of each gemstone.

The DeskSpace comes with a bespoke handcrafted wooden stand and a glossy heavyweight book with fascinating and surprising fun facts about each planet in the Solar System. The tactile nature of the spheres will entice even children to pick them up in wonder, creating the opportunity for a love of space to blossom early in life. Perfect for anyone who has ever marvelled at the beauty of the stars, the DeskSpace is more than just a desk accessory - it is a chance to reflect on our place in the vast universe.

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